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Children’s Party Entertainment in Sydney

Children’s Party Entertainment in Sydney

Are you looking for fabulous entertainment for your children’s birthday party in Sydney? Well, you have come to the right place!  Sydney’s amazing children’s entertainers for Sydney and Central Coast are the best in town! I know you probably think I am biased, well,  I have been around this for a long time now and I can see that we are in an unbiased opinion of course,  here are some of the reasons what I feel sets us apart from every other entertainment business around the block.

Sydney kids party entertainment Sydney, for all things fairies, princess, mermaid, clowns, pirates, disco and Karaoke.

Our Entertainers have the best costumes, all made of the highest quality fabric and all designed by our very own Fairy Sparkle, that’s me! 🙂 I am looking forward for more of my designs to appear down below, so keep a look out and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

We offer amazing face painting,  super fun interactive games, a crazy funny puppet show, a cute magic show (great for the littlies) and some insane balloon twisting, which all kids love!

All our entertainers are carefully selected and put through rigorous training, all have police checks, all have working with children checks and all have public liability insurance. Importantly all our entertainers have childcare or child-working related experience, both in a practical sense. Our entertainers have a background in the entertainment industry, whether it be singing, dancing and or acting.  A lot are looking to hit the big time and have even been on tv or appeared in musical theaters. Some are at uni to get a background education as backup before they try their luck at the big time.

At Fairy Good Times – We offer tailored packages that suit the many personalty types of children, as not one piece fits all in this business and you can’t look at all parities in a generic manner, same format one size fits all attitude, it is uncaring and the children will not enjoy nor feel comfortable. There are many factors that myself and the entertainer consider before we send our girls to a party, you can discuss this with me personally if you wish.

We care about our customers and care deeply about the little people that look up to their hero that have traveled from a far to enjoy their special day with them, their happy little faces, so excited to see their idol.  It is a beautiful moment, something that you can truly treasure for the rest of your life, please don’t forget to get the reaction on film as it is a beautiful moment and one that you can look back on for years to come, cheesy as that may sound, it is very true…

We are original when it comes to our clowns, our clowns are not the creepy clowns that you would associate with these days, they are all kid friendly and fun! Trust me…:) don’t be surprised if you order a clown that you get some clowny fun 🙂

We are currently updating all our costumes, redesigning and remaking them one by one, with high quality fabric and lots of sparkle. Our Tinkerbell will be the first to arrive in a couple of weeks, April 21st, 2018, we are so excited for her arrival, I believe she has covered herself with her very own pixie dust so she will be quite sparkly…

Also we are introducing lots of new characters and will be opening up a whole new business that will feature, mascots, characters for boys (I feel a little sad that we have nothing for our boys) so many superheros to come, couples, for example belle and the beast, trolls etc… We are just so excited about all the amazing things to come, I wish I could ask Tink for some of that pixie dust so it could all happen right now, but you know how the saying goes, “all good things take time”

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions through our contact page or by phone.

Now without further adieu, please have a look at our gorgeous costume range below,  we are confident you will love them.

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Or check out our New Fairy Portraits of your child (click image below to learn more)



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