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We value your time therefore, we suggest the most efficient and fastest way to contact us is by filling out the form below, this will go straight to the booking office which is open after hours,  therefore we will have all the relevant information needed in front of us. 

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Please note - If we don't have your desired character on the site, we may have something available but not listed, if there is a particular theme you are having please describe above and we maybe able to assist. Not guaranteed, though we will do our very best

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Call: 0437 213 347


We are currently updating our entire business and website,  we have a ton of other characters available that are not currently on our system. Please be sure to ask us if you are after a particular theme or character to see if we have this available.

We are a female only business and currently have most of the superheros in female version. We have mascots too

If you require a call back please list this on the enquiry form we are more than happy to phone you back with any questions

Please note that our party games and format are all varied as all children are different, different personalities with likes dislikes etc… We like to cater our parties and formats around the birthday child/theme and audience, the more info you give the more we tailor our formats around your child. We don’t have a generic one size fits all party format, as there are many factors that go into a party so the package information is more an overview rather than a step by step program. I will note that the format is suitable for both genders from 2 years to 8 years, possibly 9 years of age depending upon the child.